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Spot New Consumer Behavior Using Social Media Trends

Table of Contents

Introduction: social media trends

It’s 2021, and the world as we know it has changed. Peoples’ priorities and preferences have also changed. As a result, important changes in the consumer behavior can be observed through social media trends.

One thing every brand desires is to understand consumers. If you know what consumers want, you have the formula for success. But people are fickle. Preferences keep changing when influenced by the world. Amidst the uncertainty, one thing is sure: we’re using social media more than ever before!

The impact of social media

Social Media is the Pierian Spring of the world; the source of unlimited information. The challenge is to make sense of this information. In taking up this challenge, we made a list of the most important changes in consumer behavior that can be seen through social media trends.

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People care about social issues

Social conscientiousness has amplified throughout the world. In 2020, 33% of people indicated they’re striving to avoid posts that others might perceive as tone-deaf. Religious tolerance, racial equality, and climate change are not limited to any one part of the world; they’re sought after globally. Thus, a brand needs to be aware of, and sensitive to, social issues prevalent throughout the world.

People share more posts with a purpose

The new social media trend is that people are engaging more with posts that share content with a purpose. Consumers favor brands that actively work towards building a more fair and equitable society. Millennials have the highest expectations that brands should engage proactively with society, set an example, and guide the change.

People are drawn to creativity

As more content is created, the usage of creative platforms has exploded. This has been a result of people exploring their creative instincts as the pandemic kept people in their houses. People have shorter attention spans and a more voracious appetite for creative, new content. This is a golden opportunity for brands to try out and experiment with new marketing strategies and push out more creative content.

People want to feel connected

COVID-19 has made 2020 the loneliest year of people’s lifetimes. As people cannot gather freely, isolation has sunk in deep. Brands have a unique opportunity to promote themselves by creating shared media consumption experiences such as watch parties and online community engagement events.

Positivity is key

A year that was a blow of one bad news after another, people are seeking positivity on social media. Consumers want to feel good in a world where there is little good news and constant insecurity. This means that users are trending towards uplifting content.

People are buying more online

People have gravitated towards online shopping, and a vast majority say they get their information from social media. Before they buy a product, they assess a brand’s overall social media presence to determine whether or not they will buy something. This shows that it’s even more important for brands to maintain an attractive social media presence. Brands have to push out exciting, engaging content constantly to market their products and services.

Millennials grow stronger

Millennials are the fastest-growing consumers today. India has the world’s largest millennial population in absolute numbers, over 440 million people! They are more social media savvy which means that they hold the highest potential for outreach. This also means that a majority of your consumers are likely to be concerned with issues such as the long-term impacts of a brand on their wellness and community.

Social media influencers

The final trend that has emerged is the growth of online influencers. People buy a product that is endorsed by someone they trust. Influencers not only reassure existing consumers but have the ability to attract a whole new audience of users that look to them for inspiration in their own lives.

What locobuzz can do for you

As social media becomes more prevalent in people’s lives, platforms such as Locobuzz provide brands with a unique opportunity to understand who their consumers are and what they want. Trends are only possible to monitor through sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology that has the power and intelligence to make the most of the information that is out there on social media.

Locobuzz can give you real-time insights on your consumers, influencers, and social media trends so you stay informed of what your consumers want. Locobuzz is the tool that does it all.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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