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8 Must-try Image Recognition Tools In 2023

Table of Contents

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What are image recognition tools?

Image Recognition Tools are an Artificial Intelligence software that generates a neural network. The data found with image recognition tools can be useful in many ways. 

It helps instantly process and analyze patterns in objects, people, locations, and gestures in images on an individual pixel level using a machine vision camera system.

These patterns can enhance the accuracy and speed up the identification process of images.

It acts as a sensory record to solve possible issues. Let’s say an autonomous vehicle needs to consider its natural environment to recognize the road it is driving on, the obstructions, traffic signs, etc.

Brands integrate it to execute machine-based visual tasks in abundance, such as using meta tags to classify the content of images.

It helps perform image content search and guide self-directed robots, automatic cars, and mishap avoidance systems.

This helps brands to identify what kind of visuals trigger customer behavior and utilize that to improve the brand’s strategy. Image recognition tools will assist you with better comprehension your client base – purchasing conduct, assumptions, and issues. Get what might assist you with breaking into another market, make sure that nobody is abusing your logo, and examine the genuine reach of your advertising.

This blog will give you some insights into the various image recognition tools available, and help you decide which is best for your business.

Along with brand awareness and customer loyalty, it also enables brand protection and analyzing audience demographics.

Locobuzz, Brandwatch, LogoGrab, etc are the few best image recognition tools. Let’s look at each of them given below:

8 Best image recognition tools in 2023

1. Locobuzz

Locobuzz’s AI-led image recognition abilities analyze branded logos, elements, or images.

Unlike other image recognition tools, this tool analyses a huge number of images and comprehends users’ perceptions regarding their brand logo, brand activities, and its reputation simultaneously.

Image recognition tools displays an updated social feed of popular customer images relevant to your brand and provides the liberty to brands to supervise brand images for UGC monitoring.

2. Brandwatch image insights cloudsight

Being one of the first social media AI tools to provide brand mention classifications, Brandwatch Image insights have double accuracy and 10 times more coverage than its competitors. One of the few tools to track any brand logo.

With its robust data visualization system, you can instantly examine the situation and make planned decisions in real-time.

Optimized for brands and agencies, Brandwatch has nice coverage and an advanced analytics toolkit.

Their image recognition tools are also a service that allows brands to build Image Insights as per their requirements and receive notifications for particular situations, usually negative mentions. Brandwatch is one of the best image recognition software out there in the market!

3. Clarifai

Clarifai is one of the most popular image recognition tools today!

Clarifai delivers accuracy in addition to exceptional image recognition APIs, using machine learning and AI techniques.

Image recognition tools can identify, manage, tag pictures and videos utilizing other images. Users can feed in several picture data to check out the tool’s strength with any charges.

Sometimes we are unable to put a proper description on the search engine, but with Clarifai, you can obtain similar images easily by choosing photos and instructing the tool about your requirement.

The image recognition tools can also perform a visual search, provide recommendations, as well as moderate content, and manage media collections.

With its pre-built identification patterns, it can recognize particular concepts such as food or travel.

Its usual model can deal with a variety of concepts such as objects, ideas, and emotions. And, its customized models work on other arbitrary objects such as vehicles or dog breeds. 

4. Amazon rekognition

This image recognition service from Amazon can recognize insights of the objects, landscapes, and faces in images as well as videos.

These image recognition tools also have an option to search and compare faces. With the help of a neural network, it can identify and categorize several objects and landscapes from the images provided.

For instance, if you want to find the Puma logo, you will have to insert thousands of images related to Puma.

It works based on deep learning technology built by Amazon’s computer vision experts who examine billions of images every day for Prime Photos.

 Image recognition tools are a highly technical program is also able to detect unsafe and inappropriate pictures and videos, recognize film personalities and text from the images like street names and product names on images.

Another advantage is that you can check out the program without any payments, but you just pay for the dat

5. Google vision AI

Along with reverse image search, Google Vision AI includes preparing customized image models, or use an already trained Google supply.

Among different image recognition tools, this tool helps you to feed in an image source for vision analysis to explain its features.

Unlike other image recognition tools, this tool provides a free trial and can be used for all kinds of purposes whether it is about quality review to product searches.

Google Image Recognition tools have been commonly used by many businesses.

It is relevant to reverse image search, where simply uploading a picture could provide a list of sites on the internet and display a similar image. Well, now brands can search with the help of Google Lens.

6. LogoGrab

LogoGrab offers image detection technology that can allow the brands to search the images that contain their brand’s logos.

Established by ex-google employees, this technology is solid enough to search different parts of the logo and detect it if misused.

Due to its logo-detection in image services, LogoGrab provides you additional capacity for different tasks like market share and brand mention evaluation.

Image recognition tools also features social media monitoring, sports sponsorship monitoring, and monetizing visual data expertise.

Among various image recognition tools, this tool can bring a lot of benefits to the company strategy with its advanced lead nurturing strategies and evaluating events. LogoGrab is now known as VISUA!

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7. IBM image detection

IBM’s image recognition tools enables businesses to comprehend the brand contents in the images.

For instance, it can identify food, faces, estimated age, gender, and discover related images in the collection.

Moreover, the main advantage of this tool over other image recognition tools  is that brands can train the tech by creating highly customized detection to find specific categories of images.

It generates class keywords to describe an image where brands can use their images and extract related image URLs from websites that are available for the public for analysis.

Unlike other image recognition tools, this tool incorporates a specific vocabulary of over 2,000 foods to identify meals, food products, and dishes with improved accuracy and analysis of objectionable content as well.

8. Microsoft image processing API

Microsoft image processing tool incorporates machine-learning tools to identify images, as well as videos, digital documents, and extraction.

Unlike other image recognition tools, this tool can detect 100 faces in one image with their place and body attributes like age, sex, emotions, pose, make-up, facial hair, pornographic images, or objectionable content.

Apart from various image recognition tools, this tool can also detect elements like color description, content description, digital handwriting, common polygon shapes, and plan coordinates of inked documents as well.


The future of digital marketing will be controlled by visual data, thus these some of the best image recognition tools such as Microsoft Image Processing API, Locobuzz and Brandwatch, etc helps brands to identify, analyze and extract what is essential.

You can also review image recognition tools by other vendors, such as DeepAI, Hive, Nanonets, or Imagga.

Image and video moderation API by Sightengine, xModerator’s image moderation service, or APIs and SDKs for facial recognition and body recognition.

But the basic requirement is logo detection, object, and location analysis for the images as it puts this evaluation in the broader framework of global industry trends.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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