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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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5 Essential Customer Experience Tools For Fintech Brands

Table of Contents

What is customer experience?

The customer experience (also known as CX) is the impression that your customers make of your brand through all stages of the buyer’s journey.

This influences their perception of your brand and can have an impact on your bottom line including revenue. Positive customer experiences encourage loyalty, customer retention, and brand value.

Every exchange between customers or businesses, whether it is a call to the contact center, exposure of an ad, or something more mundane like the payment for a bill, builds (or damages!) the relationship.

A great customer experience is vital for any business.

Fintech brands and CX tools

Omnichannel Customer Experience is a key to brand success and Omnichannel Customer Service has become of utmost importance in any sector especially for the high-touch financial services sector. Around 40% of the FinTech Brands still consider it a complex algorithm and fail in keeping up with the Customer Experience Trends. The success of every FinTech Brand these days is dependent on transforming Customer Experience and evolving from utility apps.

Brands need to understand the need of the customers which is pivotal for retaining and maintaining a long-term relationship with them. Gone are the days where customers found difficulty in trusting their hard-earned money to an app. The customer base has matured rapidly and is allowing FinTech brands to cast magic using their CX Tools into providing one-stop solutions for all things financial.

Top customer experience tools for fintech brands


This customer experience tool is a database management tool that helps you use its powerful analytics while easily browsing through its dashboards. Now you do not have to be worried about not knowing a database management system, as the work of platforms like SQL and Oracle and more can be done just by using this single CX tool for better data management.

Alerts and Notifications with a User-Friendly website Interface are what make Looker one of the most favorite customer experience tools in the market for data management. You can track client activity, set alerts, map your Excel Documents and Data Sheets, as well as take care of fraudulent activity by flagging their client usage. All in all, Looker is an amazing tool for Fintech Providers, enabling better services to their clients to make more informed Financial Decisions.


Locobuzz provides a complete Customer Experience Solution and brings brands closer to customers. It gives a single view of customer and market insights. People worldwide put their faith in Locobuzz for creating a compelling, trackable customer journey for Brands and Customers. It helps seasoned brands establish a strong foothold in the digital hemisphere.

Locobuzz provides seamless end-to-end integration with existing products and services to improve the overall customer experience for the business. Customer Experience is not only the principle of a good CX strategy; it is how brands create a compelling marketing strategy based on understanding customer needs. This tool is getting better at interpreting customer data every day which is instrumental to customer retention and robust returns.

It can generate actionable insights from data, can be integrated with different functional verticals of your operations, and help marketing and service teams for lead generation, campaign management, crisis management, analytics, and insights for product road-mapping. Predictive analytics is on the rise and Locobuzz inserts authenticity and empathy into its dealings with customers and win them with skill, quality CX and precision.

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Locobuzz’s powerful analytics have helped seasoned brands establish a strong foothold in the digital hemisphere transforming the customer experience journeys.


With so many apps in action, we have our invoices, bills, receipts, and all kinds of financial reports coming in from dozens of platforms, differing for each individual. With the help of Zapier, you can find all this data in one place without having to star emails and messages and go back to collect individual data from them.

This is how it works: Zapier, a mediator app & tool, is connected with 3,000+ applications used in any and every sphere of personal and work-life management. It helps automate your workflow by app integration and data collection.

When you connect Zapier with Gmail and Google Sheets, you can mark assignments, invoices, and emails to set up ‘Zaps’. Zaps direct to your Dropbox automating a list that gives you all financial management details in one place.

In simple terms, Zappier is like an automated planner system for all your management needs. It’s one of the most essential CX tools in the market today, increasing your efficiency and hence your Customer Experience.


CX is all about bettering the Customer Experience for the development of a highly satisfied customer base. Customers are happier when they can report their issues, queries, and feedback with instant response available. It is this idea that sets the Core for Intercom. It can implement a live chat option integrated with your platform for real-time conversation with your consumer base.

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Firstly, this helps customers stick as they know their issues will be resolved effectively in a time-bound manner. Secondly, as they feel heard by your company, the trust builds in a much better way. This is extremely important for maintaining customers you attract to your website. This in turn increases website recommendations and increases sales for your website.

Intercom is one of the most popular CX tools used by Fintechs today!


Working in integrated form with your bank(s), Cushion is a Customer Experience Enhancing Tool which helps save finances in the form of Refunds, payments, and more. It monitors keeps a track of overdraft fees, interest fees, and does the bargain work for you to earn cashback.

It works with Credit & Debit Cards, Savings & Checking Accounts, and more, to give the enhanced experience of savings. Cushion has a 3-minute setup speed and 24/7 fee scanning for maximum refunds. It allows you to manage finances while keeping data 100% secure with the basic pack starting at 3$ per month.

These CX tools help the brands to:

  • Win, retain, and delight customers by streamlining their customer experience.
  • Put Customers on top with the smallest details in today’s complex financial ecosystem.

Enhancing your Customer Experience for better Customer Relationship Management is the primary goal of every company in the market. These Essential CX Tools help you create, manage, and maintain a better Customer Experience for your clients. They provide easy assistance in the growth of your company.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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