7 Hacks social media managers need to know of

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, from keeping up with the latest news updates to watching cute cat videos. The impact of social media is so profound and far-reaching that it has birthed a whole new limb of marketing – social media marketing. As a result, social media management has become a core element of a business’ marketing program. This is one of the important factors of online reputation management.

So, whether you are an experienced social media manager or just starting on this journey, here are seven hacks that every social media management professional must know:

1-Cherry-pick your platforms

While there is a buffet of options to choose from, not all social media platforms are created equally. Some are more popular than others, while some have a niche advantage. LinkedIn is more suitable for professional networking, while Instagram can help you connect on an informal note. Profile your target audience and target them on social media platforms of their preference.

2-Establish a schedule (and stick to it)

Consistency is key to heightening engagement. After all, you can only build rapport with your audience when you post reliably and according to a schedule. Plus, posting the right content at the right time offers an uplift in content visibility. And since it is not possible to stay glued to your phone at all times, you can leverage social media scheduling tools to follow a content publishing routine. You can also use it to understand what time of the day is best to post for the corresponding platform so that you can dip into the high levels of activities and receive higher engagement.

3-Invest in the right social media management tools

Whether you want to understand audience sentiment or boost content engagement, there is a tool for everything. Explore the various built-in tools offered by social media platforms that support advanced analytics. And if they are not enough, there is an assortment of tools available for meeting specific goals.

4-Optimize your content for every platform

Content optimization relates to managing the content quality, format, and specification to align with the social media platform. While content quality is immutable, the content format and specifications can be manipulated to some degree. For instance, Instagram is more suited for visual aids while Twitter banks on crisp copies. You will also have to factor in the file formats and size before posting. At the same time, it also lends insights into the user mindset and preferences as they scroll through the platforms. Aligning your business message with these triggers can help you generate more revenue.

5-Harness the power of automation

Handling a single brand’s different social media platforms can be overwhelming, but automation can eliminate much of the pain and elbow grease involved. Modern-day social media automation tools can handle everything from automated Instagram conversations to social media scheduling tools to chatbots to responding to comments and DMs. These tools ensure that you always bring your A-game while dealing with your audiences.

6-Partner with influencers

Brands looking to gain greater visibility and credibility can piggyback on the clout possessed by appropriate social media influencers. These social media users may be a part of smaller, tight-knit communities but significantly influence them. As such, depending on your industry or client, identify and approach micro-influencers who can help you meet organisational goals.

7-Keep track of all metrics

For all your efforts in social media management, you need to track and monitor progress. Given that social media platforms can produce valuable data, you must invest in a robust data analytics platform that can generate useful information. You can identify the relevant metrics and set benchmarks to measure performance. You can track your competitors movements too. Then, find what works for you and build on it to create results. 

Closing thoughts

Social media management is not easy. First, you need to foster strong relationships with your audience and pivot strategies to allure them in every way possible. Omnichannel customer engagement is also a very important part of all these processes. Locobuzz also provides omnichannel solutions. serIn conclusion, the above hacks can make meeting your goals more manageable and help you deliver beyond expectations!

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